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GTA Civils and Transport provides Flood Risk Assessment (FRA) and Sustainable Drainage Strategies (SuDs) for planning applications in and around West Sussex, East Sussex and across the UK.

Local knowledge and years of experience enables us to produce flood risk and drainage reports to satisfy the Local Planning Authorities, the Environment Agency, or to meet BREEAM requirements.

Alongside Flood Risk Assessments, we produce associated reports, including Flood Risk Management Plans (also referred to as Flood Warning and Evacuation Plans).

  • Flood Risk Assessments to comply with NPPF
  • Flood Risk and Drainage Reports
  • Flood plain compensation Schemes
  • Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS)
  • Sewer and watercourse diversions
  • Surface and foul water drainage strategy
  • Attenuation and storage design for the peak 1 in 100 year storm event (plus 40% climate change allowance) using
  • MicroDrainage software.
  • Soakaway design to BRE 365
  • FRAs to comply with current legislation and guidance
  • Flood Risk Management Plans

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Our Expertise

Flood Risk Assessment Reports (FRA)

Our FRA reports detail the main flood risks to a development site. Recommendations are provided for mitigation measures to reduce the impact of flooding on and around the site.

GTA Civils & Transport has an outstanding track record in obtaining approvals. Every year we deliver dozens of Flood Risk Assessments for all types of development projects. We also prepare FRA reports for Prior Approval applications for change of use from agricultural and offices to residential dwellings.

Flood Risk and Drainage for Planning

Not all planning applications need to provide full flood risk and drainage information. Our hydrology specialists and flood risk engineers will be able to advise on requirements for your specific application. Where applicable your report will contain recommendations for appropriate flood risk and drainage solutions.

Flood Risk and SuDs Drainage Experts

We specialise in flood risk assessment and SuDS design for projects of every scale. Our experience spans single dwellings to large residential and commercial developments across the UK.

Surface Water Flooding Specialists

We have been successful in obtaining approval for particularly difficult projects, including those lying within areas prone to coastal or river flooding. Surface Water flooding is now treated by many flood authorities as strictly as river/coastal flooding – and we have had many successes with these challenges.

We are happy to provide advice on the proposed levels and positioning of buildings in order to maximise the success of your development project. This applies to both Local Planning Authority or Environment Agency approvals. Our aim is to ensure the long term health and safety of site occupants.

Flood Risk Assessment Projects

Our Clients

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The impacts of any development need to be considered throughout the planning process – from feasibility to construction.

Our highly qualified flood risk specialists have helped clients gain planning approvals with local councils in West Sussex, East Sussex and the Weald of Kent.

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We are fast and responsive in answering enquires. Please call on T: 01444 871444 or contact us to discuss your project. Informal advice and free no-obligation fee quotes available.

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